Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Solid Way to Improve Software Testing Quality and Services

This is fraction of an inside communication I wrote - for a layman in the field of software development. Note that these are my opinions and not meant to be absolute truth, ultimately and most are related to a project I'm working.
A growing trend in software development is the use of testing frameworks that allow the execution of unit tests to determine whether different parts of the code works as expected in different circumstances. Test cases describe tests to run on the program to verify that the program runs planned.
Software testing is part of a much broader process of Software Development quality assurance. When complex systems are built on a series of subsystems, it is important to understand measure and manage quality assurance systems for all software in the end.
There are many ways to improve the quality of work. Many test automation tools provide features for recording and playback allowing users to record user actions in an interactive and read it many times, to compare actual results to expect.
The advantage of this approach is that it requires little or no development of software for testing. This approach can be applied to any program that has a graphical user interface. These tools perform what is called the graphical user interface (GUI) testing.
Tester- This is the most significant thing. Every software project needs a tester, dedicated to finding errors and quality assurance. The cost of his / her salary is lower than the time to correct errors, which can be found later in the customer experience.
The tester will inevitably be the person who knows the best software. She/he is the one of most people who knows the business rules behind the reports, or what will happen if the user clicks the button or that button, what is the SQL procedure must be performed if it is open. It is impossible to Software Development Company to develop quality of software without a tester.
The tester can (and will) the person dealing with the customer - and, as she/he knows that the best application, you can also type help and documentation - all this is that programmers hate something and try to avoid at all costs .
Where am I going with all this - good location, business analysts and architects? Every mistake in the pre-development is more costly - both financially and in time - error made during development. Most software companies use a strange mix of Estonia iterative development and the waterfall model, which seems to work better for MSPs and medium businesses - however, have not really thought about the model or documented - and software development happens. I think in this way you can get a good software and developer from IT solutions providers.
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